Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to convert a kafir

Ive seen many muslim bloggers trying to teach us kafirs a lesson & terribly fail
Some r really trying to help & others r just down right malicious
This is not for the people who say “ill believe what ill believe even with mountains of evidence agains me”
That kinda people cannot convince anyone & would most probably will result in alienating themselves from the rest of humanity

So if u r really interested in converting a kafir & unifying people u should be interested in this article

Scroll to the bottom if u r interested in y im posting this

-Don't tell atheists what they think; let them tell you what they think.
The single greatest and most common mistake theists make in dialoguing with atheists, in my experience, is to attempt to present the atheist viewpoint themselves and then argue against it. The problem with this is that relatively few theists can accurately depict the atheist viewpoint, and when they try, they often end up presenting nothing but the same old false stereotypes - atheists are nihilists, atheists have no purpose in life, atheists just want to be free of moral restraint, atheists are angry or arrogant, and so on - which are common in apologetic literature, but which do not represent the true beliefs of the vast majority of atheists. The result is that the theist goes to some effort only to set up and then knock down a straw man, while the atheist's actual position remains untouched. This brings the atheist no closer to converting. If anything, it is far more likely to produce annoyance at the one who would presume to speak for atheists without understanding their views, and make a conversion even less likely.

To evangelistic theists, my best advice is this: Don't rely on books written by other theists to tell you what atheists think. Don't even rely on books written by theists who claim they are ex-atheists. Most such books, based on the ones I have read, cannot be trusted to accurately convey the atheist viewpoint. If you want to learn about a position, there is no substitute for asking people who actually hold that position. If you want to have a productive dialog with an atheist, be sure to assume as little as possible, and whenever it is practical ask them what they think, rather than presuming.

-Don't assume that atheists aren't familiar with the beliefs of your religion.

-Don't make assertions you're not prepared or willing to defend.

-Don't ignore sincere questions.
As in the last point, ignoring or evading honest questions is a very bad idea when dialoguing with an atheist. It will raise in their minds the suspicion not only that you cannot defend your faith (and thus why should they convert at your say-so?), but that the evidence is not there at all. If you feel like you're being overwhelmed with questions, say so. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so. But do not refuse to acknowledge a question, and do not impugn the atheist's motives for asking it. If a person asks a question, it is probably because they want an answer.

-Don't use threats, personal insults, or ad hominem attacks.

-Don't try to be an armchair psychologist.
I find it all too common for proselytizers to attempt to psychoanalyze someone they have just met, or even someone they have never met, confidently speculating on the abusive upbringing, personal tragedy or bad experience with a church that led the person to abandon belief in God and become an atheist out of anger or bitterness. It is a fool's errand to try to see into someone else's mind in this manner; not only that, it will usually be wrong. …………………………..

-Don't ask atheists to do something for you if you're not prepared to offer the same courtesy in return.

-Don't refuse to acknowledge your mistakes.
We are all human, and we all make mistakes. This by itself will not necessarily immediately doom any attempt to convert an atheist; what is more important is how you respond when it does happen. In general, atheists value honesty, but look dimly on any attempt by people to appear infallible. Most atheists will be much more impressed if you admit your mistake, accept correction and move on. On the other hand, making a mistake and then doggedly refusing to admit it after being corrected - or worse, repeating the same erroneous claim after its falsity was pointed out - is a surefire way to be ignored. After all, doing this is the sign of a dishonest person, and why should we believe anything a dishonest person says?

-Don't assume that any one atheist speaks for all atheists.

-Don't refuse to consider the atheist viewpoint honestly and seriously.
This may be the most difficult item on this list for many theists, but in many ways, it is the most vital. Many people approach the atheism/theism debate with the attitude that their own viewpoint is the only one worth taking seriously, and that all others are beneath their notice and can be dismissed without further consideration. Whether this belief is explicitly stated or not, it will pervade all the arguments of the person who holds it, and will likely lead to a corresponding reaction in others who can sense that they are being treated with contempt. Simply stated, if you approach an atheist with the attitude that you have nothing to learn from them, you will most definitely not make a convert. Treat their position with respect and give their arguments the honest consideration they deserve, and you will have a right to expect the same in return.


id say this is an improvement

I care about peace & tolerance but with the way these debates usually go its kill or be killed so the only way this can come to a peaceful resolution is through understanding & respect for each other
if u choose to oppress, the society is/will suffer for it

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evil atheists r trying to kill U!!

dont trust ur mind its exactly what the devil wants u to do
trust the one person god talked to

behold im gonna perform a miracle
imagine a number from zero to infinity


with this ten numbers u can interpret the number u r thinking of

(its a metaphor for the miracle of quran)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

R there any tolerant Muslims

I don’t believe in god, I don’t see any reason to believe in god, im surrounded by people who believe, they listen to lectures they give me those stuff to listen & I do, yet I still don’t believe in it
If it is a school then im a retard who just don’t get it & u Muslims r the smart people

If I was superior & I knew it I would never bully a retard kid & would never make personal attacks at him/her -not unless they r dictating over me, even then I wouldn’t make personal attacks
But lately it seems that every muslim activist in this country is hell bent on picking on someone using lowest of low attacks
All the while claiming to be tolerant yet intolerant, peaceful but war, civilized but uncivilized & thinking yet unthinking

Guess I am a retard for thinking muslims wouldn’t sink that low

U know it almost like they themselves don’t believe in their god
If an unbeliever offend ur god its not ur job to show them gods wrath
An all powerful god could do that himself

I just read simons latest post & the comments below (aaisha)
How could anyone wish a loving parent to loose a kid
& how could she say it out loud
Please tell me this is not what it means to be a muslim

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just realized im a Muslim Freethinker :D

I don’t believe in a god, I don’t pray BUT..... I AM a Muslim!! … it is because
I am a free thinker & no one can stop me from my thoughts, even if I choose not to think or make sense ;D & on the day of judgement i will be lifted off to heaven along side jesus, barney, muhammed & the holy goat

u know ive been thinking of opening a fake muslim blog but would u be able to tell the difference first time i saw siru's blog i thought he was being sarcastic

...........anyway moving on...........

wouldn’t it be awesome if god explained (in one of his bestsellers) how he came into being or why he started creating things …what was the motivation behind GOD, I mean if he is real
my guess would be god was bored & needed someone to screw with

If I missed the grand answer it would be great if u could send be a link or something

^_^ haven’t been here in a while so thought id blurt out some random $#!T

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

will you go to heaven or hell?

r u worried that u might be going to hell & by the time u figure it out it might be too late

well u dont have to wait anymore u just have to answer these simple questions truthfully & u will find out weather u r going to heaven or hell in a matter of minutes

this is the miracle study provided prophe..ssor Demm Ahum**
its an instant cure for the hell bound souls :D

people always exaggerate in commercials
**my name doesn't have anything to do with prophet muhAmmeD (PBUH)

u know i really dont know what im thinkin of in this post
anyway enjoy the quiz

Friday, October 9, 2009

Minster of Islamic affairs fights extremism!!

Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed, state minster of Islamic affairs, said the ministry had drafted a set of regulations to combat extremism in the country.

Shaheem said the regulations will come under the Religious Unity Act and will be enforced after about a month after consultation with the president. ...Full Story>


y do i get the feeling these guys solution for extremism is more prayer